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January 2024.  Click APPOINTMENTS (DR. MAKANI LEW, DC, DACRB PRACTICE INFORMATION) or go to  for Dr Lew's private practice and to see pictures and videos of her in action providing chiropractic treatments (adjusting, laser, etc). >>>With health comes happiness  and  with happiness comes good health<<< This blog is designed to be a resource outlet for my fave  books, videos, websites.  My hope is you will use it to increase your knowledge and to help you be a better doctor, patient, family member, person, you know, whatever role you want to be better in.  Best to all,  Makani (Dr. Lew, DC, DACRB) PS Remember to bookmark this page and use it as your go to reference list. PPS Here's a link to Omm....   (my great books list) (A little history... start date of this blog was June 29, 2012) (Last update was  October 17, 2023)